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11 December 2008


Dear editor,
PRISHTINA, 11 DECEMBER 2008 - In the Thursday number of your newspaper, dated 11 December 2008, on page 5, was published an editorial entitled "Miserable Anti-Corruption" by author Paulin Pashku.

In the beginning of the text, the author attributes to Mr. Hasan Preteni, Director of Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, a linguistic mistake that has emerged in his opinion published on 10 December in one of the daily newspapers with the headline "Say No to Corruption." In fact, the word "Say", totally irrelevant to the contents of the opinion was made by the lectors of the newspaper where the opinion was published.
While regarding some findings the author gives on what Mr. Preteni should do, Anti-Corruption Agency in order to be fair with the readers and to inform the author reiterates that:
With the Agency initiative was designed National Anti-Corruption Strategy, which was proceeded to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and is expected to be soon in front of the Assembly for adoption.
With the initiative of the Agency was amended the current Anti-Corruption Law and proceeded to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, and is expected to be soon approved by the Assembly.
Also on the initiative of the Agency was drafted the Law on Declaration and Control of Property, which was sent to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and it is in the process of approval by the Assembly.
Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency has drafted the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest which was approved by the Assembly and is now in force.
The agency so far has proposed to the leaders of the central institutions of the Republic to take more measures to prevent the corruption and all these have been published in the Kosovo media.
Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency was the first critical voice against the judiciary in Kosovo for lack of efficiency in trials of alleged corruption cases.
For the sake of your respected readers we request you to publish this clarification.

Office for Media and Public Relations of 
Anti-Corruption Agency

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