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Legal Responsibilities of AKK:

Anti-Corruption Agency pursuant to Article 5 of the Law on Anti-Corruption Agency has the following responsibilities:

Initiates and develops the procedure for detection and investigation of corruption and proceeds criminal charges in cases of suspected corruption to the public prosecution authorities, if there are no criminal proceedings for the same case;

Collaborates with local institutions, foreign and international missions to prevent and fight corruption;

In cooperation with the Commission, the Government, other institutions and organizations, drafts anti-corruption strategy and action plan;

Monitors and oversees the implementation of Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan;

Monitors and prevents cases of conflict of interest and takes measures required by special law;

Oversees the assets of senior public officials and other persons as required by special law;

Monitors the receipt of gifts related to the performance of official duties and takes measures required by law;

Cooperates with public authorities responsible for the design, harmonization and implementation of legislation in preventing and combating corruption;

Represents in international meetings dealing with the prevention and combating of corruption and takes part in the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral agreements or adoption of international legal instruments against corruption;

Cooperates with the competent institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to fulfil obligations arising from international anti-corruption laws and provides recommendations for fulfilling their tasks;

Participates and provides advice on drafting a code of ethics in public and private sector;