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12 March 2008


PRISHTINA, 12 March 2008 - Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, with support of OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the UNDP office in Kosovo since Monday (10 March 2008) has begun an awareness campaign that has focused on civil servants to all ministries of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the 15 largest municipalities in the country. 
The purpose of this new initiative is encouraging all civil servants to report to the Anti-Corruption Agency possible corrupt practices in the institutions where they work.
"We expect this campaign to promote liberty and civil servants to report instances of suspected corruption to the Agency. After two previous public campaigns we received essential information from citizens who have reported cases. Now I call the civil servants to work closely with the Agency, provide information and support our efforts to eradicate corruption", said Hasan Preteni Director of Anti-Corruption Agency.
He added that the Agency will be ready any time with its mechanism of action to enable the prohibition of corrupt practices and to strengthen law and order in the country.
The new campaign, which focuses on the message "Corruption ends here - with your help" and "I'm not corrupt" will last a month and includes distribution in each ministry and municipalities; brochures with information about the Agency, and stings for IDs, pencils, desk denominators, notebooks, and posters - all with awareness messages about the consequences of corruption and promoting the fight of this worrying phenomenon.
Also, 10 officials from the Agency (two in each institution) will be at the service of civil servants and providing them with detailed information on the functioning of the Agency as well as reporting of corruption cases.
As of Monday (10 March 2008) Agency officials have visited the three ministries and three municipalities.

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