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31 March 2020

Anti-Corruption Agency Publishes Annual Work Report for 2019

Prishtina, 31 March 2020 –


The Anti-Corruption Agency, pursuant to Article 12 of Law No. 03/L-159 on Anti-Corruption Agency, submitted today its Annual Work Report for 2019 to the Committee on Legislation, Mandates, Immunities, Rules of Procedure of the Assembly and Oversight of Anti-Corruption Agency under the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.


The Report shall focus on the activities listed below:


  • Implementation of the legal framework in the field of anti-corruption;
  • Results from the process of property declaration by senior public officials and registration of gifts received, and publication of registers of property declaration forms by senior public officials on the ACA’s official website;
  • Prevention and treatment of cases of conflict of interest during and after discharge of the public functions of senior public officials and other officials;
  • The results of corruption prevention in monitoring public procurement activities;
  • Law enforcement and handling of cases in the field of ​​whistleblower protection;
  • Forwarding of criminal reports to competent prosecution offices and follow-up of requests for initiation of disciplinary proceedings over alleged administrative violations;
  • Education of public officials and public awareness activities on the legal framework and current mechanisms responsible for preventing and combating corruption.


The Annual Work Report covers the period 1 January to 31 December 2019. The Anti-Corruption Agency remains committed to accomplishing its mandate and competencies in accordance with the applicable legal framework in the areas related to investigating and preventing corruption through the process of property declaration by senior public officials, declaration and recording of gifts of public officials, prevention of cases of conflict of interest in discharging public functions, monitoring public procurement activities, investigation and detection of corruption-related cases, protection of whistleblowers, prevention of the phenomenon of corruption and raising public awareness of the progressive steps towards the creation of a society ruled by law and order.


The Annual Work Report of the Anti-Corruption Agency for 2019 may be found in Albanian, Serbian and English as below.


ACA Annual Work Report 2019 – Albanian

ACA Annual Work Report 2019 - Serbian

ACA Annual Work Report 2019 – English


The media have not been invited due to the COVID-19 situation, but the ACA welcomes questions to the official email: 


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