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16 November 2010


Prishtina, 16 November 2011 - Director of Anti-Corruption Agency, Mr. Hasan Preteni welcomed on Wednesday (today) the Acting Head of the European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo Mr. Khaldoun Sinno. The meeting comes after the publication of the Progress Report of the European Commission, whereas Mr. Sinno reconfirmed the European Union support for anti-corruption institutions in Kosovo. 

"Progress Report has identified progress in combating corruption by strengthening the legal framework, including various laws like the law on protection of informants, the law on declaration of property and gifts and the law on public procurement. However, the focus should be on implementation of these laws", it was said at the meeting.

As it is known, the EU has supported the legal framework in the fight against corruption, implementation of better policies and increased public awareness.

In this sense, the director of Anti-Corruption Agency Mr. Hasan Preteni extended his cordial gratitude to Mr. Sinno for all the assistance that the EU has given to Kosovo in the design or improvement of anti-corruption legal framework in Kosovo.

"The EU has provided invaluable support to Kosovo as in institutional capacity building as well as in the issuance and completion of anti-corruption legal framework. We are really pleased and grateful for this support". 

After congratulating Mr. Preteni for his reappointment, Khaldoun Sinno said after the meeting: "After the establishment of institutional and legal foundations, the agency now is moving towards consolidation and implementation phase. One of the key elements for success of the agency will be inert-institutional cooperation with the prosecution and law enforcement agencies. Existing discrepancies in the statements of property of public officials must be disclosed by the agency and more actively worked with the help of law on the judiciary and law enforcement agencies".

The EU continues to support anti-corruption institutions in Kosovo with technical assistance projects. The new EU assistance for the fight against corruption and economic crime will begin in February 2012. 

Furthermore, the European Union will host a conference in Prishtina on 29-30 November 2011 on the role of civil society and media in the fight against corruption. The purpose of this conference is to discuss the potential contribution of civil society and media in Kosovo in the fight against corruption.

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