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23 September 2011


Prishtina, 23 September 2011 - Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo with majority vote re-elected on Friday for Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Mr. Hasan Preteni.
Through a secret voting process Mr. Preteni received 54 votes or 65% of the valid votes of members of the Assembly whereas his counter-candidate received only 30 valid votes or 35%, while 10 votes were invalid. 
In July of this year Mr. Preteni ended the five-year term at the agency. Assembly of Kosovo had opened a vacancy for the position to which nine candidates applied. Committee on Legislation of the Assembly who has had the responsibility to oversee the election of the Director of ACA had interviewed all the candidates who have applied. According to the Law on Anti-Corruption Agency, this Commission has an obligation to select two candidates whose names are voted directly by the Assembly Deputies.
As it is known, Mr. Preteni headed the Anti-Corruption Agency for full five years. During his first term he managed to increase the Agency to be one of the most credible institutions in Kosovo. KDI organization, in its own study that was published in late July of this year, has named ACA as the institution with the highest integrity and regards the annual report of its work as the best.
In the second term Mr. Preteni is expected to be challenged with new development goals of ACA.

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