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27 October 2009


Prishtina, 27 October 2009 - The Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency wants to explain to the public about an article which was published in Kosovo print media on allegations of possible corrupt actions of a former senior official of the previous Government of Kosovo.

In order to avoid the tendency for political use in this pre-election period the Agency gives the following explanations:

Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency has received information about possible corruptive action on 8.10.2007. Information was given in written and was registered in protocol with No. 02-399/07.

After preliminary administrative investigations the Agency proceeded the case to the Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo, on 11.06.2008 with protocol No. 02-344/08.

On 15 August 2008, the Kosovo Special Prosecutor's Office had informed the Agency that the information in question was endorsed at the Prishtina District Prosecution. As of this date ACA had no information about further proceedings in this case, and the developments which are now referred to, - ACA was not part of them at all.

According to the Law against Corruption, all information that the Agency forwarded to the competent prosecutors are confidential, and in no way does not publish the names involved and the content of information. Since this case was made public, the Agency is obliged to give the abovementioned explanations.

Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency calls for avoiding attempts to use politically its work in the pre-election period, since it damages the image of a very relevant institution for establishing the rule of law state.

ACA also calls on all mechanisms, in this case the District Prosecutor's Office in Prishtina, to respect the law and the work of institutions with which they collaborate.

The Agency remains committed to the protection of the law and in fulfilling the mission assigned by the highest legal authority of the state, the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo.

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