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14 November 2007


PRISHTINA, 14 November 2007 – In the last days Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency has received from citizens the highest number of complaints for misconduct and abuse of public money in large sums by the officials of central and local institutions.
Now that the end of the year is approaching, the misuse of public money increases the abuse of official duty and simultaneously serves as a tool for benefits through other channels.
Kosovo budget was spent only 30% during the first six months of 2007, now information alerts to large abuse in number and value by many institutions of both levels.
Given the information on the extreme growing tendency to misuse public money, ACA based on the legal right that belongs to it, makes a public call to Kosovo institutions to take measures to prevent any misuse and abuse of money. It is a fundamental element for any official who is engaged in public institutions to feel the responsibility and consciousness towards the public money of the citizens of Kosovo, the poorest country in Europe.
The Agency calls on all Kosovo institutions to demonstrate education and responsibility to spending of the Kosovo budget, to foster good management, and to refrain from misuse, abuse and corruption phenomena destructive to society and the future of Kosovo.
The Agency also requests from institutions to make transparent all procedures of spending public money, and wants to raise awareness and encourage public who must continue to inform and report so that these phenomena are prevented in a timely and effective manner.
The Agency warns Kleptocrats that it will not be still against misuse and abuse of money that by law belongs to the citizens of Kosovo. The Agency strongly indicates to any official from central and local institutions that they cannot escape sanctions for misconduct even after a time when they do not exercise their duty. The Agency, will investigate in the future all cases reported as suspected of corruption.

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